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Serena Williams Invited Women To Be Crazy In This New Nike Ad

Last year, Nike released an ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, who gained both public support and extensive backlash for kneeling as a form of protest during US national anthem. The reception of the ad was mixed, with many threatening to boycott Nike for their support of the controversial

People Are Loving These Doggy Helpers That A Flooring Contractor Makes His ‘Employees Of The Week’

The life of a contractor is an interesting one; you often have quite a niche area of expertise that you are passionate about and excel at, and you travel far and wide to help people wherever you are needed. Beats sitting at a desk from 9-5, doesn’t it? Josephsen Hardwood Floor Company has been

Man Tells Story Of How Mexican Migrant Worker Stopped To Help Him On The Side Of The Road When No One Else Would

If you have ever driven or rode in a car it’s likely you’ve seen someone on the side of the road in distress – did you pick them up or pull over? Well, this question, ‘have you ever picked up a hitch-hiker?’ prompted a long, heartfelt response from one Reddit user and the story is about much more

19 Stunning Celebrity Portraits Taken Right After The 2019 Oscar Ceremony

After the 2019 Oscars, many of its attendees continued celebrating last year’s movies at the Vanity Fair’s annual afterparty. And just like before, photographer Mark Seliger was there to snap some pictures. And while the stars looked just as glamorous off-stage as they did during the ceremony, Mark

Study Finds The More Children A Woman Has, The More Slowly She Ages And This Moms Reaction Represents Women Everywhere

Mom-Coms like Workin Moms,’ The Letdown, and SMILF are a somewhat recent genre that highlights the less glamorous reality of motherhood and they are resonating with moms everywhere. The sleep deprivation, lost social life, milking yourself like a cow and coming back to work – it is a fulltime job

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