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23 Times People Were Majorly Confused By Australian Slang

Having grown up in Australia, I sometimes take our weird and wonderful lingo for granted. Sure, every culture develops its own unique slang; I thought I had learned Spanish until I turned up in Spain to discover that people have a ‘language within a language,’ countless funny and often rude idioms

51 Hilarious Parodies Of Melodramatic Hipsters’ Captions

Hipsters have made a name for themselves as a group that lives outside mainstream culture – proudly flaunting ironic old-timey clothing, elaborate beards, and mustaches while sipping on craft beer and snacking on artisanal, organic foods. While it’s easy to spot a hipster on the outside, what goes

35 Photos That Went Viral But Are Actually Fake

Behind The Scenes Photo Of MGM Intro source A Guy Creating An Amazing Fried Rice Wave source The Mustache Wasn’t Enough, They Had To Add Those Angry Eyebrows source Magical Castle #10yearschallenge Against Deforestation Astronaut Smoking Marijuana In Space source A Kid Sleeping Near His Deceased

Guy Who Was Supposed To Live For 6 Years After Brain Cancer Diagnosis, Lives For 20+ Years, Beats It 4 Times

When Michael Moyles was 27, he received an injury that changed his life completely. He was stationed as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and played basketball for a small city-league in St. Louis. While defending the champion title, Moyles ended up butting heads with another player, an impact that

Couple Celebrate Their Favorite 2018 Movies By Photoshopping Their Fluffy Corgi Into Their Posters

The 91st Academy Awards just honored the best films of 2018, but there was one other celebration for last years movies you should know about. New York-based filmmaker and creative director Bryan Reisberg edited his and his wife’s corgi Maxine into some of the most popular 2018 flicks, and let’s

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